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To be the worlds leading brand of responsibly sourced, ecologically sustainable concrete.


Through brand development, education and awareness, our mission is to inspire Consumers to be Ambassadors of Change.


  • Concrete is the most widely used construction material on the planet, experienced in some form by virtually every person on a daily basis. However a significant portion of the population remains confused about concrete’s actual environmental impact and ‘green’ credentials.
  • Concrete’s position as one of the most ecologically sympathetic, sustainable and resilient construction materials is misunderstood by many consumers, who often choose alternative construction materials believing they are ‘doing the right thing’ for the environment.
  • This gap in the market presents a significant opportunity for the global concrete industry to re-orientate consumer awareness of concrete’s proven environmental advantages, and in return increase the prospects for healthier, safer and better built environments.
  • The ECOMASS brand is a new vehicle designed to reinforce and communicate the ecological credentials of concrete, change perception through education, promotion and demonstration, and encourage consumers to connect with the brand and become passionate change-agents in their own right.
  • With a new Concrete Identity and Product Range that pleases even the most environmentally cautious consumer, the ECOMASS brand provides the tools and support to achieve increased market penetration through more confident and better informed consumer purchasing decisions.


  • Generate a universally positive perception of concrete through education, promotion, demonstration and development.
  • Direct popular thinking about concrete towards its positive ecological credentials.
  • Break down misconceptions and stereotypes.
  • Expand opportunities for advancement of concrete in the built environment.
  • Create new business opportunities and increased sales of Readymix concrete.

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New Zealand

Phone: +64 3 337 1360